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 info de Vegetto

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MensajeTema: info de Vegetto   Mar Mayo 06, 2008 7:48 am

English-language dubs: Vegito
Viz manga: Vegerot
Name pun: Vegeta and Kakarotto
Seiyū: Ryō Horikawa and Masako Nozawa
Voice acting: Christopher Sabat and Sean Schemmel
Vegetto (ベジット, Bejitto?) was a desperate fusion by Vegeta and Goku using the Potara Earrings in an effort to defeat Boo, and he is the strongest character in Toriyama's written Dragon Ball series.

Old Kai pointed out the perfection of the fusion. He noted that Goku and Vegeta were two of the strongest beings in their worlds and the next, so naturally their fusion would create a powerful entity. Also, the fact that the two were once rivals actually assisted in making the fusion complete.

After the fusion, Vegetto transformed into a Super Saiyan and utterly outclassed Super Boo in every aspect. Vegetto is also seen to be able to be in full control of his body when Boo turns him into a coffee candy (jawbreaker in the American dub) in an attempt to absorb him into his body. After being turned back into his original form by Boo, Vegetto puts up a force field and allows Boo to absorb him, in order to rescue the ones who Boo had absorbed. The force field had protected Vegetto from being absorbed into Boo's system, however, once inside Boo's body Vegeta ends the fusion by destroying one of the Potara earrings, and the supposed permanent fusion splits into Goku and Vegeta again. Vegetto is never seen again

The name Vegetto is a portmanteau of the names Vegeta and Kakarotto, the latter being Goku's Saiyan birthname. The spelling Vegetto is the official trade name of the character in Japan, as evident by its appearance in Jump Ultimate Stars and merchandise such as the Super Battle Collection action figures. Because of the way Viz transliterates Goku's Saiyan name into Kakarrot, Vegetto's name was changed into "Vegerot" in their translation of the manga. The name "Vegito" in the English version of the anime is regarded as a combination of the names Vegeta and Kakarot, but with the two last letters of "Kakarot" backwards.


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info de Vegetto
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